Voidnot FAQ

General FAQ for the voidnot website

Yes voidnot is cloud native hosted in the cloud.

The public part is a general and public setup. Future parts may be setup in a multi tenant setup

Voidnot is completly free. 

It is not mandatory to login but certain functionalities are only availible after login.

voidnot has been created to support a multi tennant setup. As the complexity of such a full scale setup comes at a certain costs, the first version(s) of voidnoit will only use a partial set of the multi tennant possibilities and will be extended later on.

At the moment you can freely create

  • posts: share your thoughts, feelings or insights
  • FAQ: help others to resolve their questions
  • Meme: make somebody laugh with a nice image
  • Countdown: help us to countdown to a moment

A board is something the a logged in user can create to gather the different types of creations together in a secure way. Where channels can be added by anybody, a board can be closed off.

Yes image hosting is free although voidnot.com can adapt the reoslution if needed

Yes this is possible.

  1. login or register
  2. create a board with allowed types "image"
  3. create one or multiple new images linked (at the right bar) to this board
  4. open the board in a grid view

how Can I use voidnot as a communication tool

Although voidnot offers already a range of possibilities for communication, those are today still public-centric. We're working on adding capabilities for closed communications such as teams as can be found on facebook, gimme, .... .

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